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Ukrainian customers visit Two Wheels

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Ukrainian customers visit Two Wheels

Issue Time:2019-12-02
Ukrainian Customer Visit Hangzhou Skatesky 

   Our customer Yegor who has been cooperating with us for about 5 years visited us in November again with his beautiful wife. Our gernaral manaer Mr. Pual and senior sales Miss. Mary meet them at the Kempinski Hotels Hangzhou. Because the customer's trip schedule is very tight and had no time to went to our office. 

    It's about 9:30 AM that Mr. Paul and Miss. Mary arrive the hotel. Then, they sat on the terrace chatting and enjoying the scenery. The main purpose the customer visit us was in order to pay the deposit and visit other scenic spots of hangzhou. So, the meeting was finished in two hours which was very hurry. However, we belive that we will have chance too meet Yegor and his wife in the future again. 
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