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Outdoor Hiking In October 2019

Outdoor Hiking In October 2019

Issue Time:2019-11-19
Outdoor Hiking in October 2019

    On October 26, 2019, we launched the fifth group building event this year. This time our theme is outdoor hiking, an outdoor sport that is especially suitable for the fall. Because this activity not only allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature's autumn, breathe the fresh air in the mountains but also cultivate the team's feelings and increase the team's cohesiveness.


   Hangzhou West Lake is famous in the world, since we are in the West Lake District, we couldn’t miss the great opportunity to experience the famous scenery. So, this time we went to the Nine creeks in misty forest which is one of the ten scenic spots in West

We set off at around 10:30 in the morning and spent about half an hour to reach our destination. As we approached noon, we started our buffet barbecue. We sit surround the table in a circle and roasted the food. While we were grilling delicious food, we talked about the stories that didn’t shared when during work. In the laughter, everyone seems to have a better understanding of each other...

We had the strength after the barbecue, so, we started to take the route on foot. On the side of the winding road is a winding stream and a group of Longjing tea tree, looking up at the sky, the tall and straight trees extends above the head. If there is a sun, I believe there will be sunlight fell through the leaves. Here we appreciate the cliffs, green trees, streams, birds, forget the impetuous, and heal the soul.

Happy time is always short, even though the road was long, we covered it quickly. It happened that there was a tea house, and let us get together and had a tea time .Longjing green tea is a famous tea in Hangzhou. It tastes sweet and has a sweet aftertaste. If there are friends from other places, the enthusiastic Hangzhou people always like to make a cup of tea for them. People who don't drink tea often may not feel the charm of Longjing tea, but they will definitely feel the welcome of the host.

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